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A Letter to My Community

At Carter-Trent Funeral Homes Kingsport - Church Hill - Scott Co.,VA, we are completely community centered. We pride ourselves on being the only provider in the area with a staff dedicated to community outreach. We support many churches, charities and civic organizations, and many of our programs are free of charge.

Dean Trent


Carter-Trent Funeral Homes Kingsport - Church Hill - Scott Co.,VA

Open Letter

A Letter to My
Community Family,

This town and its people have special meaning to me. From the time I was a little boy, my family has been involved with the community of Kingsport. My Dad drove a city bus for many years, and later owned the Peggy Ann Restaurant. There our family served your family. It was a gathering place where people came together to share stories and a meal in a place that felt like home.

Growing up in this community, I knew I wanted to carry on those same traditions, so I continue to serve families at Carter-Trent/Scott County Funeral Homes.

Though time, funeral practices and technology have changed; through it all, my heart’s desire has always been to provide quality personal service to all families. Now we continue those traditions, and my nephew, Brent Warner, oversees the daily operations of our funeral homes. Together, we continue to offer the best personalized service and care.

Most days I can still be found at the funeral homes, and welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Dean Trent

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